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We provide detailed damage estimates for:

Passenger cars & Trucks, Heavy Truck / Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Motorcycles, RV'S, ATV'S and all other recreation type vehicles.

All of our inspections are customized to comply with specific Insurance and Manufacture repair guidelines. Once an appraisal is complete it is uploaded to our cloud based Filetrac server, as well as the estimating platform the Insurer specifies. We regularly perform random file audits and re-inspections to ensure appraisal quality & consistency throughout all service areas within Alberta, at the same time providing complete control to the claims adjuster. (24 hour accessibility and communication)

We utilize industry leading software such as:

  • Mitchell Ultramate

  • Mitchell Eclaim

  • Mitchell Connect

  • Mitchell Heavy Truck

  • Audatex estimating

  • Autosource Valuation

  • JD Power Valuation

  • Cosmosync

  • Filetrac

  • ICS Fastrak


Remote Digital Imaging

We review / approve or suggest changes to Direct Repair Body Shop estimates and supplement requests via uploaded images and invoices depicting damages. Also we review subrogation files from Insurance carriers for payment consideration. Our process evaluates the estimate and accompanying photos and in order to ensure the estimate complies with the Insurers guidelines for parts usage and repair methodology.


Minimal Damage Reports

Where a detailed report documenting damages such as bodily injury are required, we will provide you high resolution photos and a report documenting specific damages related to the impact. This can be completed at a shop with partial tear down in cases where verification of potential hidden damages are suspected and verification is required.

We provide detailed measurements of the damages at point of impact, if another vehicle is involved we would inspect both vehicles and provide measurements for comparison to Claimant and Insured vehicle. Our report provides high resolution images of the specific damages detailing heights noted for quick and easy reference.

A detailed repair estimate is included with this report to document actual damages incurred to the vehicle.


Actual Cash Value

We provide Actual Cash Value reports for Total Loss settlements or in some cases to settle a dispute relating to a perceived undervalued or overvalued vehicle.

These reports utilize a variety of products available including Autosource, JD Power and market comparables which are researched using market comparables and dealer quotes. Our goal is to provide your clients a fair market value for their vehicle.

We provide Actual Cash Value on any vehicle including travel trailers, heavy equipment motorcycles and other seasonal recreation vehicles.


Mecahnical Inspections

Due to the nature of Mechanical reports these are typically viewed at a Mechanical facility and damages verified as well as suspected cause of said loss. These claims are typically reported on site back to the Warranty Company during the inspection process.

Once the Inspector returns to the office he will then upload the Jpegs and written report to the Adjuster on the file.

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